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      Picture of Marine Multiport Fuel Injection

      Marine Fuel Injection
      Price Varies by Marine Application
      Click Obtain a Quote for Marine Multiport Fuel Injection to Obtain a Quote

      Marine Multiport Fuel Injection

      中文亚洲无线码There are two main types of fuel injectors for marine engines, the multiport fuel injectors (MPI) and the throttle body fuel injectors (TBI). The TBI fuel injector was used in the mid 1980’s as a replacement for the carburetor. The TBI fuel injection system uses one or two fuel injectors that sit on top of a part that looks like a carburetor. The multi-port fuel injection system uses one fuel injector per engine cylinder.

      Pricing for multiport fuel injection varies by marine application. Click the MPI icon to fill out request form to obtain pricing and availability for your marine application.

      Obtain a Quote for Marine Multiport Fuel Injection

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